It all started with a need...

Some of us dont feel a need to help others and do something meaningful with our lives until we reach middle age. Others feel the calling from tender years and go on to have a significant impact on the world throughout their careers. Regardless of which category you fall in to, you have knowledge to share and that knowledge is needed by somebody somewhere.

You may not be qualified as a teacher, doctor, scientist or social worker, but you'll be surprised what skills you have to offer! However, skills we aquaire in the developed world are not always appropriate for sharing in developing nations. As such, we prefer to think of the work we do as knowledge sharing, where people aith knowledge garnered from their environment and upbringing, sit towgether to discuss challenges they face, which together they can develop localised solutions for.

Everyday skills such as personal hygiene, sewing, jewellery-making, gardening, carpentry, the creation of potable water and sanitation facilities are taken for granted in our world, but life-changing for those who don't have such luxuries in place. Even the knowledge of how to make a chain of paper dolls and do finger painting can be impactful!

Whether you have the freedom to travel, need fieildwork experiece post-graduuation, or just have a few hours to offer once a month; sharing your time to help others can have a profound impact in improving lives.

If you'd like to volunteer with Two Llamas, please complete the form below and we'll be in touch. We operate without fundraising and are not associated with any church, government or political body, which means we rely on a chain of ready hands to help get donated goods and ideas from one location to another.

No act is too small to be meaningful. All that's required is you to put up your hand and ask: 'How can I help?'

Thank you

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