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Take the Pledge

Take the Pledge

We’ve compiled a list of ten simple, achievable behavioural changes that you can do to help address the negative impact we humans are having on the planet.

We challenge you to take the pledge and get one other person to do the same.

Feel free to post your results to our Facebook Group page or follow us on the dedicated Facebook page.

Set aside all plastic wrapping/ packaging from each week’s groceries. Retain receipts. Return packaging with receipt each week, and ask that they make the items available without plastic. Do so every week. Eventually management will hear the message.

Retain all cans, glass bottles/ jars and plastic bottles that are recyclable. Deposit them where refund schemes give cash back. Place that change into a glass jar that is specifically for the purpose. At the end of the year, add up how much money you have saved as a result of increasing your recycling behaviour, then go on: treat yourself!

Make a conscious decision to change out the following products for biodegradable/ Earth friendly ones:
- dish washing tablets
- dish-washing liquid
- toothpaste
- Laundry powder
- Shampoo/ conditioner

Ditch the plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one. Refuse straws or buy a bamboo, metal or glass straw for yourself and keep it in your purse.

5/ BYO
Challenge yourself to go without buying or using a plastic water or soda drink bottle for the whole year. Buy a nice insulated metal or a glass drink bottle that can be refilled at home or whenever you’re out. Ask hotels to place a jug of water in your room rather than bottles and refuse the plastic cups and bottles of water on planes and when you eat out. Do likewise with plastic cutlery. BYO chopsticks or spork or go for bamboo cutlery if you feel the need to dispose of it after.

Buy a dozen small lingerie wash bags and place them in your car, along with your reusable shopping bags. Use them to place fresh fruit into at the store and when weighing the fruit, simply remove the fruit from the bag temporarily to get an accurate measure. The bags can be washed easily if need be and it will mean you don’t have buy the food wrapped in plastic.

If you’re finding you never have enough reusable shopping bags or you’re worried that they may harbour bacteria, but a couple of wooden crates or large plastic tubs and leave them in the trunk of the car. That way, when you go grocery shopping, you can simply place them into the trolley and then back into the car. The tubs last a long time and can be cleaned out after each use if need be. (Tip: if you bandage the outside of the tubs in packing tape when you first buy them, they will last an extra long time without splitting).

Go meat-free one night/ week (or more if you can) to reduce your carbon and water footprint while also reducing your grocery bill. If you’re already vegetarian or vegan, then you’re ahead of the pack, but not everyone is willing to make such a commitment.

Set aside all non-meat food scraps to turn them into compost or - if it’s left over salad or fruit - share it with the local lizards and birds.

Choose just one aspect of your regular travel; be it your commute to work, your air travel or your school drop-offs by car. Use this emissions calculator and determine the amount of Green House Gases that regular activity contributes. Then commit to offsetting it. You can choose to do so by selecting a program to purchase emissions offsets through or by planting trees either on land you own or as part of a community tree planting scheme. (You could even use the money saved from depositing containers at recycle depots to pay for the offsets!)

Komodo National Park Beach Clean

Komodo National Park Beach Clean