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Take the Pledge

We’ve compiled a list of ten simple, achievable behavioural changes that you can do to help address the negative impact we humans are having on the planet.

We challenge you to take the pledge and get one other person to do the same.

Komodo National Park Beach Clean

Komodo National Park is located in the center of the Indonesian archipelago, between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores. Established in 1980 to conserve the unique Komodo dragon, the Park has expanded to protect the terrestrial and marine biodiversity of this remarkable place. However, lik emuch of Indonesia, it is affected by trash. Two Llamas partnered with Trash Hero Komodo to do something about it...

Port Olry Kindy Refurbishment

The northern coastal village of Port Oly is home to approximately 3000 people; many of whom are children. There is one Government-owned kindy catering to 83 children aged between 3 and 6 years of age. It lacked even the most basic of educational resources, so Two Llamas/ SUP Wilderness Adventures decided to so something to help.