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Port Olry Kindy Refurbishment

Port Olry Kindy Refurbishment

August 2016, Port Olry, Vanuatu

Duration: 1.5 days

The northern coastal village of Port Oly is home to approximately 3000 people; many of whom are children. There is one Government-owned kindy catering to 83 children aged between 3 and 6 years of age. It lacked even the most basic of educational resources, so Two Llamas/ SUP Wilderness Adventures decided to so something to help.

Two Llamas wanted to find a way of improve early childhood education by providing the resources teachers needed within a safe, enagaging, stimulating environment.

The Port Olry kindy is housed within three cinder-block classrooms that are attached to the Port Olry Primary School and adjacent to the High School. It is Government owned and operated.

The first class (with the youngest children) has 43 pupils, the second has 20 pupils and the third has 20 pupils. Each class has one teacher.

Louvre windows and two doors provide the only ventilation. There are numerous glass louvres missing and there are no ceiling fans to cool the rooms in hot summer months. 

There is some natural lighting provided through the windows. Although each class has two light bulbs, power is only provided after 5pm, when the kindy is closed.

There are large holes in the ceiling of the third class. 

Old woven mats partially cover the concrete floor of one of the rooms. The other two classes have no floor covering.

There is a shortage of desks and chairs. There are no art/ craft supplies. There are no books. There are no teaching aids. There is no chalk. There are no educational toys. There are no outdoor toys and there is no sports equipment.

In October 2015, Chantal Clarke (Founder of SUP Wilderness Adventures and Two Llamas) asked the school Principal if they needed resources. In January 2016, the kindy teachers then sent through a list of educational supplies that were required. 

A GoFundMe page was launched by Cassie Davis in early 2016 in a bid to raise money to purchase supplies. This raised approx Au$520.

Over a 5 month period, SUP Wilderness Adventures solicited donations in kind from the public. They also purchased approximately $3000 of educational resources, toys and craft supplies for the kindy. 

Julie Stockton purchased a B-grade container to enable goods to be sent overseas.

The Rotary Club of Currumbin, Coolangatta & Tweed obtained a Rotary International Grant and contributed Au$5000 towards the cost of shipping the container to Port Olry. Rotary Santo facilitated receipt and delivery of the container in Santo.

Rotary Donations In Kind contributed Au$2k.

School desks were donated by Coolangatta State School.

Teacher resources (written in French) were purchased using funds donated by Sue Aishford.

Wooden educational toys were donated by Diana Traversi, Karen Curtis, Michelle Mitchel, Chantal Clarke, with additional toys and craft supplies donated by numerous members of the Gold Coast public.

Sporty's Warehouse in the Gold Coast donated balls.

Santo Hardware provided discounted paint.

SUP Wilderness Adventures purchased three pails of brightly coloured paint from Santo Hardware in Luganville.

The kindy teachers emptied the classes of all furniture and cleaned the walls/ floors in preparation.

On 10 Aug 2016, 7 volunteers, 3 kindy teachers and 10 villagers commenced refurbishment work. They worked from 9:30am until 4:30pm, by when painting was completed.

On 11 Aug, the volunteers and villagers returned, furnishing the three classes and moving desks into place. Educational resources, toys and teaching aids were put in place. The work was completed by 3:30pm.

At 9am on 12 Aug, the children met with volunteers and the three classes were formally handed over. The children were then allowed to play with the toys and explore their new surrounds.


Improved attendance
Improves educational results

Adoption of improved teaching practices
Expansion of kindy activities to include sports, music and art.

On behalf of Two Llamas and SUP Wilderness Adventures, we would like to thank The Government of Vanuatu, our many generous donors, the volunteers and the Port Olry kindy teachers for making this refurbishment possible.Thank you also to Rotary Santo, Currumbin-Coolangatta-Tweed, DIK and RAWCS. 

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