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Port Olry Face Painting

Port Olry Face Painting

July 2017, Port Olry, Vanuatu

Duration: 2 hours


Face painting is a fun activity and expression of creativity that we largely  take for granted in developed countries. But - aside from painting faces and bodies with ochre for ceremonial purposes - it's something the children of Port Olry have never experienced.


Two Llamas commissioned one of New Zealand's best face painters - Pilar Feijo - to help us brighten up the day for primary school kids in Port Olry recently. 


To mark her 50th birthday, Two Llamas Founder - Chantal Clarke - wanted to give the gift of happiness to the children of Port Olry. So rather than having a party, she invited some of her closest friends to help her undertake the project. Although Pilar was the only professional painter among the group, we all s gave it our best shot; with varying degrees of success.


We set up in one of the Port Olry kindy classes and began work at about 2pm. Approximately 80 happy little faces were decorated before the kids fanned out across the community; eliciting shrieks of laughter and joy from adults and older play mates.


Thank you Pilar for donating the paints and brushes/ sponges and for teaching us how to paint faces with all manner of wonderful creatures. Thanks also to everyone who participated om the day; adults, children and artists alike.

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