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Port Olry Health Clinic Refurbishment

Port Olry Health Clinic Refurbishment

August 2016, Port Olry, Vanuatu

Duration: 2.5 days

The village of Port Olry is located in the north of the island of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. It is the second largest village in the nation; home to approximately 3000 residents. 

Its health clinic services the village and all surrounding villages in the north, yet facilities and supplies were inadequate to service even the most basic needs; let alone facilitate the safe delivery of babies.

Two Llamas sought to improve the quality of health services offered through the clinic by improving facilities, operational efficiency, sanitation and supplies.

When first photographed in January of 2016, the Port Olry health clinic was in desperate need of repairs. 

Housed in a concrete building left over from WWII, the clinic did not have independent energy supply and most windows were missing louvers.

Only a single toilet and shower were (somewhat) operational, beds were broken, mattresses missing, there were no mosquito nets, there were few supplies, doors were missing, broken or rotted through, sinks were not plumbed, there were no supplies to enable disinfecting of furniture and rooms and there was no autoclave to sterilize equipment.

Staff morale was extremely low.

SUP Wilderness Adventures initially implemented planing for the refurbishment of the clinic, approaching Rotary's Donations in Kind warehouse for replacement furniture. 

A 4 month campaign to solicit donations was activated; championed by Rotarians Chantal Dunba and Michelle Mitchel, as well as Karen Curti and Cassie Davi. This resulted in an influx of donations from private individuals and small businesses across southeast Queensland.

A reconditioned autoclave was donated by Melbourne company Siltex, sanitation produts by Coastline Cleaning, ceiling fans and ceiling lights by Tweed company Hayman Electrical, medical & first aid supplies by Medical Solutions Australia and Alpha First Aid, paint by APCO Paints/ Santo Hardware.

A Rotary RAWCS number (2016-17/70) was raised and the project formally recognised as a project sponsored by Rotary.

The Rotary Club of Currumbin,Coolangatta, Tweed Inc, Rotary International, Rotary DIK and private donor (Julie Stockman) all provided their support to enable the purchase, transportation and shipment of a 20' container from Brisbane to Vanuatu.
Rotary Santo facilitated receipt and delivery of the container in Santo.

The Ministry of Health entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Rotary; enabling duty and government charges to be waived.

SUP Wilderness Adventures assisted with skilled volunteers to assist villagers with the refurbishment work and Luganville-based Wrecks to Rainforest supplied the use of their truck while the team was in Santo.

The container was delivered to Port Olry on August 9 with the assistance of Rotary Santo. It was then fumigated and inspected before being released to Two Llamas for unpacking.

Clinic staff emptied building of all furniture and set about washing all walls and floors.

On August 17, a team of 6 adults and a child arrived in Port Olry. They were joined by 11 volunteers from the village and clinic staff. 

The clinic underwent a massive transformation. Doors and plumbing were repaired or replaced, rooms painted, mosquito nets hung, furniture replaced, supplies unpacked, and storage solutions assembled.

By the end of the second night, the Labor Ward had its first patient; a beautiful baby girl who was born just an hour after the room was completed. The paint wasn't even dry.

Two and a half days of work and the project was complete. A ceremony was then held to celebrate what was hailed as a "luxury clinic".


Improved health outcomes
Improved staff morale
Improved operational efficiencies
Improved sanitation

Training was given in commercial cleaning and sanitation, with sufficient supplies donated to last ffor a year. As such, it is hoped the clinic staff will be better able to maintain the clinic and provide patients with hygienic surrounds.


Two Llamas/ SUP Wilderness Adventures would like to thank the Vanuatu Government, Rotary and the many individuals, small business, sponsors, donors and organisations that enabled this project to be successfully implemented. We would particularly like to thank the clinic staff for their hard work and commitment to improving their workplace for the benefit of all.

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