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Port Olry Chicken Coop

Port Olry Chicken Coop

August 2016, Port Olry, Vanuatu

Duration: 2 days

The northern coastal village of Port Olry is home to approximately 3000 people and thousands of chickens. However, despite the ready source of protein, many children are poorly nourished.

Two Llamas wanted to find a way of improve early childhood nutrition and instill alternative farming practices from an early age.

Hens and roosters are left to wander free range; foraging for insects and scraps. Most eggs are fertilized as a result and chickens are wild.

The practice of keeping chickens in a coop or training them to return at night and releasing them only after eggs have been laid, is not practiced.

Locating eggs that have been laid before they go off in the heat or are eaten by other animals is often a hot-and-miss affair.

Eggs must be purchased using cash (a scarce commodity in a community with few jobs) and often, the community store has no supplies available to purchase.

When a chicken is wanted for eating, the villagers must catch them using a traditional trap. This can be time consuming and does not guarantee that only the fattest chickens are eaten.

Chantal Dunba (Founder of SUP Wilderness Adventures and Two Llamas) approached Chris Radcliff of Vanuatu Agricultural College (VAC). 

Agreement was reached whereby VAC students would build a chicken coop as the practical component of VAC student studies. VAC would supply manpower and management of resources, as well as an initial 10 laying hens. 

SUP Wilderness Adventures would pay for materials. (Outlay VT5500 (approx Au$60)

On 10 Aug 2016, Vanuatu Agricultural College (VAC) students and trainers commenced construction using locally sources wood from palm trees, scrap materials and wire mesh purchased from Santo Hardware in Luganville. 

On Aug 17, the gang returned for the second day of construction; at the end of which they had built the Taj Mahal of Vanuatu chicken coops.

Located next to - and accessible only through the secure grounds of the Port Olry kindy - the coop is capable of housing up to 20 laying chickens. These have been reared at VAC in Luganville and will be transported to Port Olry once they reach one month of age.

Kindy teachers and children will be responsible for the care of the hens. In return, they will be provided with a steady source of protein to supplement their diets. 

Once the chickens are mature, they will be fed food scraps rather than pellets as the scraps will make the eggs taste better and is a more cost effective food source than pellets.

In addition, feeding scraps to the chickens will reduce the incidence of rats and flies in the village, both of which are currently flourishing in number as they are feeding on discarded food and creating health risks.

Local restaurants have been invited to donate their food scraps to the chickens to ensure their is adequate supply.

Radiant Stanley - nurse at the Port Olry Health Clinic - will build her home next to the chicken coop so that she is able to watch over the chickens and ensure they always have clean water. 

Chicken wire VT5,500
Nails VT2,000
Chickens VT3,500
Total VT11,000  (approx Au$132)

Improved nutrition and student health
Reduced waste and disease

Adoption of improved farming and waste management practices
Expansion of program into primary and secondary schools
Development of egg laying cottage industry as a sustainable economic activity.

On behalf of Two Llamas and SUP Wilderness Adventures, we would like to thank VAC students and trainers for sponsoring this project and helping fight childhood under nutrition in Port Olry.

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