Port Olry Face Painting

Face painting is a fun activity and expression of creativity that we largely  take for granted in developed countries. But - aside from painting faces and bodies with ochre for ceremonial purposes - it's something the children of Port Olry have never experienced. Two Llamas commissioned one of New Zealand's best face painters - Pilar Feijo - to help us brighten up the day for primary school kids in Port Olry recently

Port Olry Vision Clinic

There is no optometrist based on the island of Espiritu Santo and – unless a volunteer optometrist is visiting Luganville - people must fly to Port Vila to have their eyes tested and be fitted with glasses or contact lenses. We wanted to bring vision to those who were least able to get assistance: the elderly and young in the northern village of Port Olry; a community of 3000 people.

Matantas Aquaponics Trial

Two Llamas sought to investigate the issues that may arise if aquaponics was introduced to remote Ni-Vanuatu villages such as Matantas. Although many villages in Vanuatu have rich volcanic soils, there are many that have sandy, salt-soaked soils and limited access to water.

Port Olry Kindy Refurbishment

The northern coastal village of Port Oly is home to approximately 3000 people; many of whom are children. There is one Government-owned kindy catering to 83 children aged between 3 and 6 years of age. It lacked even the most basic of educational resources, so Two Llamas/ SUP Wilderness Adventures decided to so something to help.