Two Llamas undertakes environmental and social projects designed to help Indigenous people living in remote communities in the Asia-Pacific region. Projects are always developed in consultation with community leaders and are undertaken with the approval of relevant government agencies. Implementation involves local villagers and small groups of volunteers; enabling skill sharing and capacity building. Sustainable economic development, conservation through education, and improved health through nutrition are all key areas of focus. Our work is done free of charge and we welcome feedback and assistance. 


Hello, my name is Chantal Clarke

I’m a climate change and social scientist who works and lives in Queensland. Two Llamas is my way of giving back to the world and the many incredible places I travel through. It's my way of leaving a positive ripple in my wake and encouraging others to do the same.


In 2015, I established  a small adventure travel business called SUP Wilderness Adventures. I wanted to indulge my love for travel and help vulnerable communities as part of each journey of discovery. I also wanted to show people who travelled with me that it's easy to make a profound difference in people's lives through small, simple changes in behaviour.

Today, SUP Wilderness Adventures has grown from a small local operation to one that attracts a global clientelle. Although we're not registered as a not-for-profit, 100% of our profits are directed towards social and environmental projects. These are undertaken by Two Llamas or our local partners in countries where we don't have the deep community relationships that are required to be successful in bringing about long-term sustainable change. 


Our approach to helping others is different from others and we do not profess to be experts in any field. Instead, we focus our energies on knowledge-sharing: a two-way exchange where both villagers and volunteers have knowledge of equal value and expertise.

Through knowledge-sharing and listening, we develop localised solutions that are appropriate for each community's unique culture, environment, as well as the constraints imposed by their being remotely located and having access to limited (if any) infrastructure.

Two Llamas has no religious or political affiliations. We are entirely volunteer-based (no one is paid), and are funded by SUP Wilderness Adventures. 

We design and implement projects directly wherever possible; working in consultation with village Chiefs and Elders to develop sustainable outcomes that relate to long-term goals.

We strive to use sustainable natural resources in place of plastic, metals or manufactured goods. We engage in cultural rescue by nurturing traditional handicraft skills; showing villagers how to use those skills to transform trash into saleable treasure.

We source existing (surplus) goods from Australia; re-homing them with people in need here they will be valued and bring about positive change. 


We have four fundamental requirements when engaging with any community. They are:

1/ all parties must provide total transparency in their dealings with us;

2/ we have zero tolerance of dishonesty/ theft/ deceit/ disrespect/ corruption;

3/ community leaders must all be in agreement with - and committed to - facilitating outcomes before any project work takes place;

4/ community members must undertake the physical work required for a project, and provide photographic evidence of their continued work (after we have left the community), before we will commit to additional assistance.

My hope is that Two Llamas inspires you to knowledge-share with others, engage respectfully with Indigenous peoples, and travel in a meaningful manner.

If you would like to volunteer your time or skills to helps us help others, feel free to contact us by email.

Thank you!